Auto Quest in Borntmut
Auto Quest in Bournemouth
What is an Auto Quest?
The auto quest is a local game like treasure hunt or adventure game.
It's a story where you and your team take a part.
The team travels by car to the hidden places, at the same time, solving riddles and performing various game tasks.
The auto quest is an active, fun and entertaining event, this is more than a race as your weapon is your team mind, savvy, agility, attentiveness and team spirit. It's a mix of racing, logic tasks, area exploring and treasure hunting, as in the end a winner will get a prize!
Our Advantages
Why are you approaching us? Why "Auto Quest Kingdom"?
The game going through the online platform
Fascinating and exciting stories
You will see spectacular views and places of our beautiful county
Diversify time with you best ones
You will get unforgettable moments with your friends, family or staff members
Covid safe activity
You will be into the story and more, more, more
Prizes from our sponsors!
Price List
Adult prices:
5 people
£11pp £̶1̶6̶p̶p̶
4 people
£12pp £̶1̶7̶p̶p̶
3 people
£13pp £̶1̶9̶p̶p̶
2 people
£14pp £̶2̶0̶p̶p̶
Kids prices:
0-6 yrs.
7-10 yrs.
£7pp ̶£̶1̶0̶p̶p̶
10 yrs. and over
Full price
For the Auto quest, you will need:
• The very first condition is a good mood, a desire to play and win.
• Your vehicle, a torch, a smartphone and internet access
• Gather a team from 2 to 5 people and come up with a team name
• Register a team (registration takes place only after full payment). After registration, you will receive a username and password for the platform (website), where there will be tasks for the game.

• Costumes and attributes (optional).
• For the winner recogniser party, please bring couple of drinks and snacks (optional)
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