Auto Quest in Borntmut
Auto Quest in Bournemouth
What is an Auto Quest?
AUTO QUEST IS A LOCAL car game with adventure and street challenge qualities.
IT'S a STORY WHERE YOU AND YOUR Team combine your minds and work together to overcome a variety of riddles and other games tasks, travelling to hidden locations in your car.

It is an active and entertaining event, it's more than just a race to the finish. Your most valuable assets are your team mind, your agility, your attention to detail and your team spirit.
It's a mixture of racing, logic and puzzle completion, area exploring and treasure hunting.
Our Advantages
Why are you approaching us? Why "Quest Kingdom"?
  • The game going through the online platform
  • Fascinating and exciting stories
  • You will see spectacular views and places of our beautiful county
  • Diversify time with you best ones
  • You will get unforgettable moments with your friends, family or staff members
  • Covid safe activity
  • You will be into the story and more, more, more
  • per 1 team £85
    1 game price
  • Our price is very democratic and allows anyone to spend this money.
    a ticket for 1 person, it is like a pizza margarita with a coke.
For the Auto quest, you will need:
• The very first condition is a good mood, a desire to play and win.
• Your vehicle, a torch, a smartphone and internet access
• Gather a team from 2 to 5 people and come up with a team name

• Register a team (registration takes place only after full payment). After registration, you will receive a username and password for the platform (website), where there will be tasks for the game.
• Costumes and attributes (optional).
• For the winner recogniser party, please bring couple of drinks and snacks (optional)
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